Dude High-Fives Homeless Guys During High-Speed Pursuit (VIDEO)

High-speed car chases are always exciting to watch. I might be totally wrong, but I'm pretty sure OJ in his Ford Bronco was one of the first police chases that brought in widespread TV viewership and they have been popular ever since.

During a recent high-speed chasing involving a stolen Kia Sorrento in South Los Angeles, the driver of the stolen vehicle took cops for a ride, figuratively.

According to KABC, the driver at one point stopped in the middle of a freeway. Cops pulled up to the vehicle with their weapons drawn, and then the dude took off. He later gave cops the finger.

But the best part is he stopped twice while being pursued in neighborhoods to give high-fives to some homeless people.

The cops later successfully planted a spike strip, and the Sorrento dragged it around in circles. A LAPD cop car slammed into the stolen car and pinned it against a parked car.

The driver tried to flee but was tackled and taken into custody.

Source: ABC7.com

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