600lb Cocaine Dealer Sentenced from Ambulance Bc He Was Too Big for Court

A 600lb drug dealer was sentenced for trafficking cocaine, weapons under disability, and other drug charges. But he couldn't appear in court due to his size. So the court went to him.

An ambulance holding 42-year old Kirk Smith pulled up to the loading area of the Hamilton County Courthouse in Cincinnati, Ohio where he was sentenced to two years in jail.

The Cincinnati Police Department say they received a tip that was consistent with drug trafficking activity in Hartwell, a neighborhood in north Cincinnati, and information that Smith was running a drug ring. Officers raided Smith's residence in April of 2018 and found surveillance cameras, a variety of illegal drugs, and guns that Smith wasn't legally allowed to own. The officers read Smith his rights, but due to his physical size, were unable to arrest him.

Sgt. Ryan Hudson of the Cincinnati Police Department says, "It was obvious that there were people running for him because he's so large, as I mentioned 600 to 700 pounds, he wasn't able to move around freely. It made it kind of tough on us to maneuver or almost get him out of the house that particular day. In fact, it was impossible."

The ambulance in which Smith arrived to the loading dock of the courthouse in order to receive his sentence transported him to prison directly afterwards.

Source: Local12.com

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