Cubs Player Breaks Down After His Line Drive Strikes 4-Year-Old Girl

Major League Baseball has taken steps in recent years to protect fans from foul balls, raising the height of nets and extending them further down the base lines. But despite the changes, there is still a real risk of being hit by a ball.

During last night's game (May 29) between the Houston Astros and the Chicago Cubs, Cubs player Albert Amora, Jr. hit a hard line drive foul directly into the seats near third base. The ball struck a 4-year-old girl. Amora is instantly aware of what just happened and drops to his knees as the stadium falls silent.

Amora's teammates come over to console him as he thinks about his two children. The girl seemed alert and was crying after being hit by the ball and was taken to a nearby hospital.

When Amora returned to hit a few minutes later, he struck out to end the inning and went to where the girl was sitting and he broke down again.

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