This Is the Worst First Pitch I Have Ever Seen (VIDEO)

Every baseball game has a ceremonial first pitch to recognize celebrities, local public figures, former players, honorable fans, heroes in the community and so forth. Being that the first pitch includes a wide range of people of all different backgrounds, some of them have an easier time throwing a baseball than others.

Sorry 50 Cent, it looks like you have been dethroned from having the worst first pitch of all-time.

At last night's game between the White Sox and Royals, a lady took the mound for the first pitch and she hit a target, just not the target. Instead of the ball ending up somewhere near home plate, she mistimes her release on the ball and it nails the dude taking photos.

I don't know much about cameras but I do know that the ones like that are not cheap. But then again that toss was not carrying too much velocity.

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