Rude Cow Gives Farmer a Brown Shower While He's Sweeping the Barn (VIDEO)

What's a typical Monday like for a dairy farmer? Well, at least in this dude's case, it involved being showered on with sh*t from a cow.

My man here is just trying to sweep and keep the barn clean for the cows when one of them lines up its ass directly at the guy. All of a sudden, a stream of poo jets out and nails the farmer on his head, chest and arm.

The best part is the cow starts to back up and the farmer steps back like he knows what could go wrong, then proceeds to focus on sweeping before the cow lets loose.

Karter, the farmer, posted the clip to Twitter and writes, "I didn't even stand a chance. Direct line of fire. Typical Monday..." meaning this is probably not the first time it's happened to hi

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