Dude Out Here Driving His Nissan Maxima Missing One Wheel. NBD. (VIDEO)

There are many levels of not giving a f***, and this dude in his early 2000s Nissan Maxima is pretty high on the chart.

At a traffic light, this lady starts filming this dude because his car is missing a tire in the front. She asks him, "You know you ain't got no wheel on there?" and he nonchalantly replies, "Yeah."

The two converse for a minute or so, and the woman concludes there's no way this dude, who looks like he might be smoking a blunt, will make it back to "Lindberg" missing a tire.

Whelp, as soon as the light turns green, dude takes off and the sound of the bald rim on the concrete leaves the woman saying, "Oh my gahwd."

I'm no car enthusiast but I feel like having two tires in the front is more important than the two rear ones. But then again, it's glaringly obvious this guy doesn't give a crap about anything, including the safety of other motorists. SMH.

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