Lord Help This Man and His Pooping Process (VIDEO)

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Either this dude is an A+ level troll or he has the most illogical pooping process I have ever heard of.

The male host of The Bully & The Beast podcast apparently takes a wad of TP and catches/pulls turds coming out of his ass and seems shocked that this is not normal pooping procedure.

Dude looks around like everyone thinks he's crazy, and it's true. He then questions his co-host and the people in the studio on how they defecate, but no one answers because they're laughing at this dude.

The female host then asks a good question, "What happens when you got the runs or something?" and the dude replies, "that's the point of the tissue! You wash your hands afterwards!"

May God have mercy on this poor man's soul.

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