Homeowner Shoots at Armed Intruders After Break-In (VIDEO)

Incredible footage of a home invasion surfaced this week after four men busted through a front door but were met with gunfire from the homeowner.

The incident occurred near Louisville, Kentucky. Home security footage shows four men entering the home after violently breaking through the door. The men are armed with guns and the one wearing a red sweatshirt approaches a bedroom. The homeowner, who was asleep until the men gained entry, luckily had a gun at his bedside and fired at the man.

Muzzle flashes and impacts can be seen as the four intruders flee. The sheriff's office where the incident occurred is hoping to indentify the suspects and charge them with attempted murder and first-degree burglary.

The homeowner was shot in the hand and was treated at a nearby hospital.

Source: WKYT

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