Dude Tries to Show His Family How Well New Jeep Drives Underwater (VIDEO)

We've all seen the commercials for SUV's and trucks where dudes are driving recklessly over boulders, up the sides of cliffs, hairpin turns on icy roads doing 75 mph, through rivers, through tornadoes, etc.

But in all of them, there's fine print across the bottom of the screen that reads to the effect of "professional driver on closed course, do not attempt" to prevent them from being sued in case some idiot actually thinks they can do the stuff in previous paragraph.

It seems like this dude didn't get the memo. He tries driving his family in his new Jeep across a river like some kind of modern day Oregon Trail scenario, except Jeeps aren't made to drive in water that reaches the height of the windshield. Expectedly, the cabin quickly floods and they abandon ship.

Pretty sure the wife and kids will never ride in a vehicle driven by Dad ever again.

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