Lady Has Arm Ripped Off by Two Bears After Reaching Into Cage (VIDEO)

Warning: Video Contains Disturbing Images But They Are Pixellated

A 27-year old Russian woman had one arm ripped off and the other severely damaged after she tried to feed a pair of bears through a cage.

The attack happened at a "private zoo" in the Amur Oblast, an administrative district located in the Russian Far East. A video taken shortly after the woman was mauled shows her writhing in pain and covered in blood. She was taken to a nearby hospital and her left arm needed to be amputated due to "severe fragmentation."

Doctors were able to save the woman's right arm which was "badly injured with large tear wounds."

A witness says the woman and her group appeared to be drunk. An outer fence surrounding the cage where the bears were held apparently did not stop the woman from crossing it to get close to the cage itself.

The place was closed after the incident.


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