Dude Wrecks Lamborghini Huracan Into Brick Wall and Tree Trying to Show Off

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

Car meetups are a common pastime around the world where people who are into certain cars like to meet each other and show off their rides. A lot of times during or after a meetup, the owners will put on a performance display of their vehicles as a badge of honor.

One dude tries to show off in his $280k Lamborghini Huracan by blasting the accelerator but he loses control of the beast. The car looks like it's about to slide into the cars parked on the side of the road, so the driver cuts the wheel hard left. So the car takes a hard left and jumps the curb and smashes into a tree and brick wall on the sidewalk.

The car takes some pretty gnarly damage from the wreck. Can't say I have much hands-on experience with Lamborghini's or any car over $20k for that matter, but I'd imagine it's made out of carbon fiber or some exotic material that a good ol' Maaco can't fix with one of their $199 specials.

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