This Is the Cannabis Super Bowl Ad That Was Rejected by CBS (VIDEO)


Acreage Cannabis wanted to air a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl, a move that costs a reported $5M for the spot on CBS. But the network rejected the ad. Acreage uploaded the commercial to YouTube for everyone to see.

The content of the ad itself is quite tame, showing how cannabis can be used to treat a myriad of issues from seizures to opioid dependency. Guessing how many advertisers are in line for coveted airtime during the Super Bowl, it was an easy decision for CBS to decline the ad and the controversy that comes with cannabis. evaluated the commercials that have been rejected from airing on the Super Bowl in the past and put them into two categories: ads that intentionally cross the line in hopes of generating buzz as a rejected ad, and ads that focus on a controversial topic that TV networks don't want to create the appearance of supporting or rejecting.

Although national acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana use has risen in recent years, the ad rejection is a sign that it has not quite reached mainstream acceptance.


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