Dudes Discover Meth House Is Booby-Trapped (VIDEO)

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language


Ah, the good ol' meth house. Whether methamphetamines have been produced in the house and/or smoked in the house, it's almost a given that the place would essentially need to be torn down and rebuilt to be considered safe to live in again. People who have unknowingly lived in meth houses have reported a variety of illnesses and disorders due to the remnants of toxic chemicals that find their way into the walls, ceilings and floors. 

A group of guys who are tasked with investigating a former meth house come upon something strange on the staircase leading upstairs and come the conclusion that the place has been booby-trapped. One of the guys takes a broom handle and taps it on the stairs to mimic someone walking up them. Sure enough, it sets off a trigger and a large knife comes swinging down. You can bet these guys were very careful inspecting the rest of the property.


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