Dude Drinks a 30+ Year Old Beer He Found in the Woods (VIDEO)


A dude finds an old can of Coors in the woods, one they estimate to be about 30 years old. So why not give it a try? I mean, it's been sealed tight so that eliminates a bunch of things to make it go bad other than father time. 

Surprisingly, the can makes the trademark hiss noise when it opens, meaning there's still some carbonation. Sure enough, the beer has a nice head on it when the guy pours it into a glass. It's a little darker and cloudier than a new Coors beer, but looks like beer.

Dude drinks about half and what do you know? He says it tastes pretty damn good. He hits the brakes though once he notices all the sediment floating at the bottom of the glass.

Not too many people can say they've had a 30+ year old beer.

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