Chris Robinson, STP's DeLeo Brothers Tried to Start Band

The Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson recently revealed that he tried out a few different musical ventures after the Crowes' most recent breakup in 2015. One of those being an attempt to start a new band with Dean and Robert DeLeo from Stone Temple Pilots.

Robinson says he and the DeLeo brothers met up in the early 2000s, not long after Stone Temple Pilots broke up for the first time. Regarding the experience, Robinson tells, "We sat down and tried to write some songs and stuff and had a nice time but nothing really came of it. I was already pretty much on my way to, I kind of wanted to get away from the riff-rock oriented, uh, scarves and necklaces and whatever rock 'n' roll - they're great at it. And they have written some great songs."

Robinson says that even thought it didn't work out, the experience gave him some insight as to how he wanted to move forward in his music career. "I made a lot of mistakes with the first time of trying to go solo, but those mistakes were integral in me having some new vantage point of how to start the CRB [Chris Robinson Brotherhood]. But yeah, I was like I don't want to scream and yell over loud guitars, I want to tell these stories and I want my singing and my poetry to have a different relevance to the music."

Robinson made his solo debut in 2002 with the record New Earth Mud, which later became the name of his solo touring act. He started the Chris Robinson Brotherhood in 2011 and has released six albums since.

The DeLeo brothers ended up teaming up with Richard Patrick of Filter around 2003 to form Army of Anyone, who released one self-titled album in 2006 before going on hiatus in 2007.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock

Photo Credits: Matt Kent / Ethan Miller / Getty Images

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