Dude Taste Tests His First Home-Brewed Beer

posted by MH - 

There's nothing more glorious than popping open your first bottle of homebrewed beer. The hours-long brewing day, the attention to cleanliness to avoid spoiling the beer, the weeks or months of patience for the beer to finish fermenting. All that hard work finally pays off...

Unless you're this guy. Dude pops his first bottle which promptly foams out for the next 3 minutes, even blowing beer up to the ceiling after putting the lid back on, building up more pressure. Then he goes for the "perfect pour" which in his book means a solid 90-to-10 foam to beer ratio. But hey, all of that is moot as long as the beer tastes good, right? Too bad it tastes like "how leather smells." At least that's good enough for a 8 out of 9 rating...

There's always next time.


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