Slash Explains How He and Axl Rose Reconnected


(Video: NSFW Language Warning)

Slash joined Nikki Sixx for a lengthy interview as part of Sixx Sense's radio finale. Slash and Sixx touch on a variety of subjects: the first time they met, growing up in L.A., struggling with substance abuse and what's in the future for Guns N' Roses.

Slash also recalls how he and Axl Rose reconnected after nearly 20 years of not being on speaking terms and eventually decided to rejoin Guns.

He says it was Axl who initiated the idea of Slash rejoining the band:

The first time we spoke it was on the phone, and then we got back together when I got back in town. I was on the road, I was in Peru. I remember it specifically. It was very cathartic to physically talk. Because there's a bond you have that's never [broken] and then what happens is the bond makes the negative side of that much worse, because you're forced out of it.

Slash continues by saying the new version of the band is a totally different thing:

When we got together and played, it was Coachella, it was just f___ing awesome. And we played the Troubadour, it was the first gig that we did, and it just snowballed from there. So [it's been] 18 months... if you had talked to me 20 months ago, I would have said, 'No f___ing way. It's never going to happen.' But it did, and it was f___ing awesome.

Since Guns N' Roses kicked off their Not in This Lifetime Tour in April 2016, the shows have grossed over $461M. The tour is set to continue through the summer of 2018 in Europe.

Source: Loudwire


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