LISTEN: Scott Weiland's Final Studio Recording

Scott Weiland's final studio recording has been released by the former drummer in Weiland's outfit The Wildabouts. "Back to the City" was recorded in early 2015 at the tail-end of sessions for Weiland's final album Blaster, but the track did not make the final track listing.

The song actually surfaced a few weeks before Weiland's death in December 2015 via the Blaster mobile app, but the app no longer exists.

Mike Avenaim, who played drums on four tracks on Blaster, uploaded a video of himself playing drums alongside the song. He writes,

In February of 2015, right before the Wildabouts album "Blaster" was released... Scott Weiland, Jeremy Brown, Tommy Black and myself wrote and recorded one last song together. The song did not make the album. However, I decided everyone should get a chance to hear how great it was. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it with these amazing musicians.

Brown died on March 30, 2015, a day before Blaster was released. Weiland died later that year on December 3.

Photo Credit: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

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