12 Strays of Christmas

Lisa and BIG 100 present the "12 Strays of Christmas" sponsored by Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort

Every weekday during the Noon hour, Lisa highlighted a different homeless animal from local shelters including the Montgomery County Adoption Center and Loudoun County Animal Services and encouraged listeners to adopt them or another pet at their own local shelter.

Do you already have an adopted pet you love? Share a photo of them on social media using the hashtag #12Strays and we will be sharing our favorites to the BIG 100 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

Day 12: December 22: Thor!

Thor is a wiggly, silly boy who has WAY too much energy to be sitting at the MCASAC in a shelter kennel all day. Don't let this guy's name and looks fool you; he is a giant goofball! Thor is extremely playful and would do best in a home where he only has full grown humans to play with. (No other dogs, cats, or small kids.)

Toss this boy a toy or two and he'll keep himself (and you) entertained for hours on end. Thor enjoys playing fetch, tug, and is eager to learn new tricks!

Day 11: December 21: Baby!

Meet Baby, the dog with the saddest cries you'll ever hear.

Baby was brought to our shelter recently by her owner, the only family she has ever known, felt that they could not care for her any longer. Baby, while very sweet and mild mannered, has not been adjusting well to living at the MCASAC.

At night, Baby cries out in her kennel. Our dog kennel area, which is usually filled with lots of loud barking, becomes silent other than Baby's cries.

Baby is 7 years old and very shy. She is wary of new people, but is just nervous, not aggressive. However, once she's spent a little while with a new person, she opens up and enjoys snuggling and being pet.

Day 10: December 20: Monkey!

Looking for the happiest dog on the planet? Your search is over! His name is Monkey and we guarantee he will put a smile on your face.

Monkey is 3 years old and unfortunately this isn't his first stay at the shelter. He was adopted as a young pup, but recently came back to the MCASAC and is now looking for a new home. Monkey is a puppy at heart and has the energy level to prove it, so you better be able to keep up!

We can go on and on about how funny and awesome this guy is, but you really have to experience him for yourself! 

Day 9: December 19: Snickers!

Snickers is a gentle, 10 year old cat. She was surrendered to LCAS when her owners developed allergies. Snickers is great with other kitties and would be an excellent single cat or addition of a multi-cat home.

Day 8: December 18: Pansy!

Pansy is a 2 year old tabby who enjoys watching birds and bathes in the sun of her window. She is so polite and kind that she has a special spot staying in the director’s office until she is adopted from Loudoun County Animal Services. Pansy is an excellent office assistance and she enjoys the attention she gets from visitors.

Day 7: December 15: Cheese!

Cheese is a gorgeous black and white “tuxedo” kitty. She is quiet, sweet, and was raising her five babies when she first arrived at Loudoun County Animal Services. Now those kittens are grown and adopted to their new families. Cheese hopes she’ll find her people (or person) soon.

Day 6, December 14: Tulia!

Tulia is a sweet, 2 year old lynx point and cream tabby. She is shy at first but a total love bug when she gets to know you. Her playful personality will surely entertain you! Learn more about Tulia by visiting Loudoun County Animal Services.

Day 5, December 13: Jasper!

Jasper is a 4 year old white German Shepherd type dog. He is not only handsome but very sweet with a soft personality. Jasper enjoys romping after his toys and knows some basic tricks. He is also house trained. Learn more about Jasper by visiting Loudoun County Animal Services.

Day 4, December 12: Archie!

Archie is a beautiful orange tabby and the sweetest, most social kitty at the MCASAC. He also happens to be our longest resident. Everyone who walks by Archie's kennel stops to say hello to him. He greets everyone through his kennel door and can't resist rubbing up against it, hoping you'll let him out for some snuggles and play time. Archie is a very youthful 12 years. Other than being diabetic, he is lively and full of energy. He could easily keep up with younger cats. He is social and loves attention and playing, but is perfectly happy to sit in your lap or by your side while you watch TV. Archie's diabetes requires him to receive 2 insulin injections a day. He tolerates these injections very well, and we are confident that whoever adopts him will not have a difficult time administering his insulin at all. He is also on a special diet. Archie came from a large confiscation, so we know he lived with other cats. He would most likely get along with any other cats you have at home as long as they are introduced properly.

Day 3, December 11: Audi!

Audi is a 7-year old bull terrier mix. This handsome guy has been at the MCASAC since January, with very few adoption prospects. Audi is about 6 years old, but has the energy and vitality of a much younger dog. If you're looking for a pal who can go go go, Audi may just be your man. This boy is full of energy all the time, and is always up for anything. He's great at fetch, loves learning new tricks, and also enjoys a good snuggle. Audi is probably too rambunctious to live in a home with a cat, and is selective about what dogs he will get along with.

Day 2, December 8: Icy and Feisty!

Icy and Feisty are both 10-year old domestic short-hairs; they are a bonded pair which means they need to be adopted together. These two beautiful girls are sisters and have been living with each other for 10 years, and there's no way we're going to separate them now!

Both girls are stunning, and they LOVE attention. Icy, the more social of the two, will approach you without hesitation and beg to be pet. Feisty is a little more reserved, but loves to play with any toy you bring her. They will sit in your lap and purr all day long.These two ladies have been waiting far too long. Will you give them the home they deserve?

Day 1, December 7: Rico!

Meet Rico! This 10 year old Staffordshire Terrier mix still has the energy of a young pup, and he is so excited to show you everything he can do! He knows "sit," "down," and even "stay!" He is bubbly, bouncy and has an awesome attitude despite finding himself living in the shelter as a senior. Staff and volunteers adore this sweet old man. He is easy to walk on a leash, preferring to stay by your side rather than pulling. We don't know much about Rico, but we know he is a total gem and he ...will make someone out there a very lucky dog owner! Rico does well with dogs, cats, and kids! He will fit right in to almost any family!

Even if Rico isn't the right fit for you, stop by our shelter and pay a visit to some of our other senior dogs and cats. If you've adopted a senior pet of your own, please share your story in the comments so people can hear just why having a senior pet is so great!

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