An Ammo Storage Facility EXPLODES in Ukraine, Firing Missiles Into Town

A military ammunition facility in the city of Balaklia, Ukraine exploded in incredible fashion, causing bombs to detonate and missiles to be fired into the surrounding town.

Over 20,000 people were evacuated from the town. The base is a storage facility for tank ammo.

According to Reuters, guards assigned to the warehouse heard an aircraft overhead just before the explosions began.

One massive explosion is seen around the 2:00 mark in the above video resembling a mushroom cloud.

No cause has been determined, but some believe that Russia or separatist rebels could have had involvement. 

An attempt to destroy the base happened previously in 2015, when drones attempted to start a chain reaction at the facility.

BBC reports that everyone within 6 miles is being evacuated as firefighters try to contain the fires that are still burning.

Reports say the ammunitions from the warehouse were being used to supply military units in a conflict zone in eastern Ukraine near the Russian border.

By some miracle, no members of the military or any civilians in the town have been killed as a result of the explosions.

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