John Mellencamp Says Racist Remark Made Him Quit Columbia Records

John Mellencamp recently revealed the surprising backstory on why he left Columbia Records in 2001.

Speaking with Howard Stern, Mellencamp says he was promoting his 2001 album Cuttin' Heads when he happened to overhear a conversation regarding one of the singles from the album "Peaceful World."

"My manager went in and was talking to the record company, and the president of the record company... said, 'I don't know why Mellencamp insists on having these [racial expletives] singing with him. It makes it impossible to get him [on radio]."

Mellencamp adds, "And don't forget, all of Columbia was making their money off of rap at the time and hip-hop. And here was this guy using that word... My next call was to Allen Grubman [Mellencamp's lawyer], and I just said, 'Get me off this label - now.'"

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Photo Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for ACAP

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