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The drama within Journey never seems to end.

After Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain mended fences and came together as a unified front in 2020 when now former members Ross Valory and Steve Smith tried to take control of the band, Schon is suing Cain over “improperly restricted” access to the band's American Express account.

In documents filed in Northern California’s Contra Costa County, Schon's lawyers claim, "This action is brought to turn the lights on, so to speak, and obtain critical financial information Schon has been trying to obtain but has been denied.”

In 1998, Schon and Cain established Nomota, a limited-liability corporation to handle the band's business dealings. Even though they were equal partners, Cain set up Nomota’s American Express account “without Schon’s consent or knowledge, with only Cain as the account holder.”

Though Cain and his representatives have said Schon would be given access, this apparently has not come to pass.

Schon's lawyers say that he “must have unfettered access to Nomota’s records so that he can oversee and manage Nomota/Journey... The AMEX account is a Journey account, not a personal account of Cain... Millions in Journey funds have flowed through this AMEX account.”

As a result, Schon says he can’t “determine the portion of Journey’s profits to which he is entitled as the founder and president of Journey...

“Cain is interfering with Journey, refusing to respond to booking opportunities, blocking payment to band members, crew and vendors, refusing to execute necessary operating documents, and in other ways as well. Cain has obstructed Schon from viewing expenses incurred by Cain and his touring party on band tours.

“Cain has further refused to deal with critical, time-sensitive touring contracts for Journey’s 2023 tour and ensure payment for band members and crew, who Cain contends are ‘non-essential. Schon believes those band and crew who are crucial to the band’s success should be paid. Cain’s conduct is inexplicable.”

A preliminary hearing will be held on March 3rd.

No word if this legal action will interfere with the band's next tour, which is set to begin on January 27th in Durant, Oklahoma.

In September, former singer Steve Perry filed a petition against Schon and Cain to cancel trademark registrations for 20 songs he had a hand in writing.

Source: Ultimate Classic Rock and Premiere

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