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An orange cat in Foxborough, Massachusetts, named Garfield saved his owner's life with a keen sense of smell and some persistent, peculiar behavior.

The owner, Thomas Williams, is an amputee and uses a wheelchair to get around. Thomas recently adopted Garfield from a shelter -- and the two have been enjoying each other's company as Garfield has been getting used to his new surroundings.

Last month, Thomas noticed that Garfield was behaving strangely. Garfield wouldn't stop hanging around the wheelchair, sniffing around and poking Thomas with his paw.

Thomas ended up calling his visiting nurse, who explained that animals can detect infections. The nurse was right. After a visit to his doctor, Thomas learned that he had a blood clot in his artery. A crisis was averted.

Thomas now describes Garfield as a "guardian angel from heaven" -- and will continue to keep a keen eye on Garfield's moods and actions -- just to be safe.

Source:. (NBC Boston)

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