Apparently Billy Preston wasn't the only extra musician who joined The Beatles during the sessions for what turned out to be their Let It Be album.

The Late Late Show's James Corden did a spoof, "sitting in" with the band at Twickenham Film Studios, playing musician "Gary Thump."

While working on the title track, Thump interrupts Paul McCartney, saying, "A for effort, but Let It Be Let It Shmee, honestly.”

He then plays snippets of his own songs, including "Jerry the Jolly Yogini," "Omnipotent Jelicopter," "(Three Little) Silly Sheep," "Chicken Tonight," "Potato Waffles," "I Am the Kumquat" and "Barbie Girl," before telling John Lennon he's "spitting diamonds here.”

And he does the same when Paul's trying to work through "Get Back," saying, "Sorry Paul, this is a swing and a miss, this one. It's total garbage."

Thump then gets behind the drums while Yoko Ono squeals into a microphone.

Well done, James!

Source: NME and Premiere

photo credit - getty images

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