Here’s a story about one tough dog named Liza, who fell into a 20-foot crevice while hiking with her guardian at a state park in New York.

Liza is a small dog and slipped into a crevice that is very difficult for humans to get into.

Staff at the park did their best to rescue Liza, using a camera to check her condition. As each day passed, they confirmed that Liza was still okay -- but stuck.

After five days down in the crevice, staying hydrated by licking the wet walls for water, Liza’s luck changed. Members of a nearby chapter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals -- along with a volunteer group specializing in cave rescues -- showed up.

They were able to get into the crevice and used a special tool to get Liza in a rescue pack -- which they lifted to the surface.

It was a heroic rescue for sure. But everyone involved marveled at Liza, who had a strong spirit and a will to live, even when things down in that crevice seemed hopeless.

Source: (New York Post)

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