I've been looking at getting a new bed, so of course I headed to Mattress Warehouse!

They have a huge selection and the best prices, plus I wanted to get bedMATCHED! This is an exclusive scientific system used by Mattress Warehouse to get you the perfect bed, so you can get the best night's sleep possible. The bedMATCH bed takes all kinds of measurements and then calculates which beds are best for me.

And I know we're all concerned about cleanliness these days so I was happy to see that Mattress Warehouse has a Clean Shop Promise.

I talked about my options with Marietta at the Mattress Warehouse on Rockville Pike in Rockville. She was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable!

Mattress Warehouse offers 0% interest financing, and they have a one-year price guarantee. If you find a better price, they'll match it, plus 50% of the difference.

Head to a Mattress Warehouse near you and get'll thank me!

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photo credit - Lauren Hight

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