I don't know about you, but one of my guilty pleasures during this pandemic has been to watch The Masked Singer! It's campy and fun and a great escape!

I am confident I have figured out who the Rhino is and the Turtle too. Well, I'm only about 75 percent sure of the Turtle, but am 100 percent sure of the Rhino!

Listening to the voice over the past several weeks, I was thinking it was Adam Sandler. Then, after seeing last night's clue package, that sealed the deal! Did you notice the statue of the bride and groom from the top of a wedding cake? That references one of my favorite movies, 'The Wedding Singer.' And then the drawing of the turkey...a reference to Adam's 'Thanksgiving Song.'

What do you think? Do you have guesses for the Rhino and the other three?

I would LOVE to be on the panel of that show. It looks like so much fun!

photo credits - Getty images and Fox

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