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A couple of breweries in England have figured out how to make beer out of breakfast cereal.

The brewers at Seven Brothers got together with the brewers at BrewDog to create beer made out of cereals from Kellogg’s like Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes and Coco Krispies.

The brewers learned that big food producers like Kellogg’s let a lot of food go to waste. For example, some flakes are too big. Others are overcooked. And still others have colors that don’t match.

So, an arrangement was made with Kellogg’s to take that leftover cereal and turn it into beer.

So now, there are beers like Throw Away IPA, made from rejected corn flakes; Cast Off Pale Ale, made from recycled Rice Krispies; and Sling It Out Stout, made from surplus Coco Krispies.

Source: Popular Mechanics

photo credit - instagram post

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