PRESIDENTS DAY: Partying Presidents

Who was the hardest partying President in history? says there are eight historical contenders who could take the crown including: 

  --MARTIN VAN BUREN, who developed gout after drinking too much bourbon.   

--FRANKLIN PIERCE, who announced upon leaving office that he had nothing left to do but “get drunk.”

   --JAMES BUCHANNAN, also a victim of gout, was known to down several bottles of rye and/or brandy at a time, and made a trip every Sunday to pick up a case of J.B. whiskey.  

 --CHESTER A. ARTHUR, who wouldn’t move into the White House until months after being inaugurated because he didn’t like the décor, then auctioned off numerous pieces of priceless antique furniture from the place while he was allegedly under the influence.

   --GROVER CLEVELAND would be considered a felon in modern times after he crashed his carriage while drinking and driving and wound up killing his law partner in the accident.   

--FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT liked to down a mixture of dark rum, brown sugar, orange juice and an egg white. His son said he especially enjoyed the results after serving the concoction for his lady friends.

   --RICHARD NIXON proved that Republicans know how to party by enjoying the “In-N-Out” Martini, and refusing to take a call from HENRY KISSINGER because he was too out of it to talk business. 

  --GEORGE W. BUSH has been a teetotaler for many years, but made history in the 1970’s when he ran over a neighbor’s garbage cans while drinking and driving.

Source: Maxim

Lisa Berigan

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