Train Drags Woman to her Death in Dog Leash Mishap

A San Francisco woman who was dragged to death Monday had stepped off the train because she saw her boyfriend on the platform, witnesses say.

The incident occurred after the unidentified woman boarded a Bay Area Rapid Transit train with her dog, whose leash was tethered around her waist, says BART rep Alicia Trost. However, the woman stepped off the train just before the doors closed and was dragged to death as the leash pulled her along the tracks, Trost reports. The dog, which remained on the train, was unharmed.

Now a witness who saw the horrific incident unfold says he saw the woman wave to a man just before she got off the train. Another witness, Mike Sim, says he saw a "hysterical" man on the platform who identified the victim as his girlfriend. So far, there's been no official confirmation of the account.

For something as big as a train to pull into stations and take off again without anyone checking the tracks, is it surprising that things like this don't happen more often?

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