Massive Bar Fight at Maryland Bar and Grill over the weekend

Labor Day holiday + alcohol + anything else you can think of equals, what else, a massive bar fight.

It happened over the holiday weekend at Joker's Bar and Grill in Hagerstown, MD.

According to TMZ:

It's unclear what triggered the fight, but you hear lots of screaming as a scuffle starts in the back and then all hell breaks loose.

There's a dude pinned down on the pool table with 7 bar patrons surrounding him. Hard to tell, but it looks like he's being choked.

You also hear glass shattering ... almost like in a western flick. Once the glass goes, there's fighting all over the bar. Someone eventually orders everyone to stop, and it's crazy, because they are still fighting as they move toward the door.

More HERE and check out the video below!

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