Old Dude Fights His Way Into Walmart Without a Mask, Gets Kicked Out

Of COURSE this happened in Florida. Don't mess with the people at Walmart when you don't have a mask. This dude is fighting his way in, and they have a mandatory face mask policy!

According to TMZ:

This wild scene went down in the Sunshine State, and it starts off right in the thick of the action. An elderly man tries storming his way into a Walmart without a face covering -- but gets stopped by an employee at the front door. That wasn't gonna stop gramps here though.

He immediately got physical and started pushing his way through -- even shoving the masked employee out of his way ... to some success, at first. The guy did get by him -- after taking a tumble during the struggle -- and then started heading for some aisles. But, this Walmart employee (of the year?) caught up to him and held his ground ... give him a raise!

More HERE and check out the videos below!

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