Super Bowl Streaker Kelly Kay Flashes Rear End at Game and Gets Arrested

You'd think people wouldn't do this in 2020. Especially at the Super Bowl which probably has more security than any other sporting event.

According to TMZ:

"A smokin' hot model with a massive following was arrested during the Super Bowl on Sunday after she hopped over some railing, tried to go running on the field and then flashed her ass."

The model is Kelly Kay and she has over 250,000 Instagram followers. A spectator at the game saw it happening and caught the video below.

She then posted her mugshot on her IG after being taken away by the police and released from jail.

Then she posted to her IG story and bragged: "Young jail bait out of jail!" she said. "Fresh out the pen! Fresh out Dade County, what?!"

Kelly Kay faces up to 1 year in jail if convicted on the trespass charge.

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