Here's How to Earn $3,000 a Month Smoking Free Weed

Whoever came up with the adage, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" clearly didn't know about a job opportunity being offered by the American Marijuana company.

The company, which refers to itself as "one of the most trusted medical marijuana resources online," is looking for someone who's willing to rate various varieties of weed by sitting home and smoking them all day. "The applicant will have to write their honest reviews and opinions of the product in the form of a blog," the job listing reads. "Moreover, they must also be comfortable in front of the camera since the job includes unboxing explainer videos of how each cannabis product performs and differs from other."

In addition to a monthly salary of $3,000, the successful candidate will also receive a whole lot of weed for free. Job seekers, who need to be at least 18 years old, can apply on American Marijuana's website.

While this sounds like a dream job on its surface, would it actually be difficult to review different types of marijuana when you're stoned?

More HERE and check the link and video below!

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