Twitterverse Grumbly Over Artist/Promoter Refund Policy

Promoters big and small are drawing the ire of fans with regards to event ticket refunds. Depending on concert consumer finances during the pandemic, some folks need a refund now, as opposed to a delay or even a non-decision regarding future shows. During the initial phase of the outbreak, postponements were common, which kept concert goers money tied up. That said, only a small percentage of fans sought refunds at that stage. However, as the pandemic evolves into a much longer event, the demand for refunds has increased. Comedian Jim Gaffigan initially rescheduled dates fro his 2020 tour but has since had a change of heart and is offering refunds to fans that want them, even with the new dates scheduled. Buyer beware, as these refund windows are limited, and will go away, in the case of Gaffigan anyway, on June 1st. The Stadium Tour featuring Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison is one tour that has not offered refunds to this point, with their latest communication pushing off a decision until early June. Realistically, many venues scheduled for this tour will become unavailable should the NFL resume (in whatever capacity) this fall. It should be noted that the artists themselves are not hoarding fans money, as it's promoters that manage the finances and (deposits aside) dole out the compensation to venues to square up with artists as show dates near. Be sure to read all communications from promoters thoroughly, as refund information can often be found "below the fold" of emails sent to ticket holders, so scroll down and pay attention to details.