What Is It With Rock Stars And Their Kids On New Years Eve In Florida?

By now, you've likely heard the story of Rod Stewart and his son being arrested in Florida this past New Years Eve. Apparently Rod and son Sean were trying to gain access to a private function at a Palm Beach hotel. 74 year old "Rod the Mod" punched a security guard in the ribs, and both Stewart's face charges. Lost in all this, is the irony of Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson and *his* son (and daughter) ALSO being arrested, on a New Years Eve, in Florida! It happened in 2003 at a Naples Ritz-Carlton. Granted, the Lifeson event was a more serious affair, involving the assault of a Sheriff's Deputy. The Lifeson's eventually plead down to a misdemeanor. The Stewart's face court on February 5th. Rock stars, New Year's Eve, and Florida. Not a good combination.