Artin Safarian, CEO and Owner, Arminco Incorporated


Artin Safarian, President & CEO of Arminco Inc. has taken Arminco Incorporated to yet another level by finding a special niche and expertise in developing dental practices. Since 2004, Artin has built a group of professionals who have collectively overseen the build out of over 1000 commercial spaces, over 500 dental practices and counting. Mr. Safarian attributes the success of his company to the process he created over time, which allows the overwhelming journey of building a dental practice painless. “My vision has always been to help dentists by offering a streamline process that is easy and cost effective”. By adding a dental equipment division to an already talented construction and design departments, allows the company to be able to provide dental practices with equipment that they need through a seamless process. “This addition has taken us to another level and allows us to regulate and control the budget for our doctors in building their dental practices”, said Mr. Safarian. This solution allows Arminco, Inc. to deliver the best product, at the desired budget, in an extremely efficient manner. Guaranteed.