Gene Simmons Says KISS Won't Reunite with Ace Frehley (Video)

The longstanding beef between KISS and former guitarist ACE FREHLEY has thawed recently. Earlier this month, GENE SIMMONS even played with Ace at a charity concert in Minnesota.

But in a new interview, Gene said Ace is not coming back to KISS. He said, quote, "That's not gonna happen. Ace has been in and out of the band three different times. That's enough."

Here's the UNCENSORED video. The combo of Gene and this inexperienced interviewer is amusing. Gene even jokes that the kid needs to stop agreeing with everything he says and saying "Absolutely!")

To the guy's credit, he DOES get one over on Gene later in the interview. Gene accuses him of spreading "fake news" when he asks about his $50,000 box set, which Gene says is only $2,000.

But then the guy goes to Gene's website on his phone, and PROVES he's right. So, Gene sends an email to his website guys to have it fixed.

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