FLEETWOOD MAC Show A Classic Waste (Review)

Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac

If you're planning to see Fleetwood Mac perform at Classic East in Queens, New York on July 30th, don't read the Los Angeles Times review of the band's show Sunday night at Classic West in Dodger Stadium. It's not pleasant.

Mikael Wood, the paper's Pop Music Critic, says Lindsey Buckingham wasn't kidding when he told him his mantra for the show was to "Just close your eyes and take the money.”

In short, Wood said it was:

  • "[A] miserable excuse for a concert, I wish I’d been closing my eyes."
  • "For the record, the band did not play well. 'Gypsy' moved so sluggishly that you felt like you were hearing the band’s batteries die in real time."
  • "But the true bummer was how unengaged the members were in the music — how little pleasure (or pain) they seemed to be taking in the job at hand. There was no humor or charm, nor any evidence of the group’s mythically complicated chemistry; song after song in the two-hour set simply rolled by as though they were marking items off a grocery list."
  • "A real disappointment given the potential for something special here... For instance? 'Tusk.' In the late '70s Buckingham famously recorded that song at Dodger Stadium with help from the USC marching band. How hard would it have been to arrange for some drummers and horn players to bring that moment back to life in the very same place? Imagine the smiles and goose bumps the band would’ve given to the tens of thousands of fans who’ve kept Fleetwood Mac afloat for decades."
  • "On Saturday, the Eagles showed that it’s possible to refresh a vintage sound while maintaining a cherished legacy. Twenty-four hours later, the members of Fleetwood Mac made me feel like a sucker for caring about theirs."


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