Shifty Shellshock, Frontman Of Crazy Town, Dead At 49

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Shifty Shellshock, frontman and singer for the band Crazy Town, has died at the age of 49.

Shellshock, whose real name is Seth Binzer, passed away Monday, June 24, at his home in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner confirmed on its website, per People. As of time of publishing, his cause of death has not been listed.

The singer battled substance abuse issues throughout his career and was even featured on shows like Celebrity Rehab and Sober House, reality series that followed famous faces battling and working toward overcoming addiction. Binzer was also hospitalized in 2012 after he lost consciousness and fell into a coma before eventually recovering, per Variety. He was arrested that same year on charges of battery and drug possession and was arrested on DUI charges in 2022.

Binzer teamed up with fellow artist Bret "Epic" Mazur in 1992 to create the group Brimstone Sluggers, which evolved into the rock band Crazy Town in 1995. The group, which also consisted of Rust Epique, James Bradley Jr., Doug Miller, Adam Goldstein and Antonio Lorenzo 'Trouble' Valli, released their debut album The Gift of Game in 1999, which featured the track "Butterfly," the song they were perhaps best known for and that launched them into fame in the early 2000s.

The band broke up after the release of their sophomore album Darkhorse in 2002 failed to see the same success, Deadline reports, with Shellshock pursuing a solo career and releasing his 2004 album Happy Love Sick. They reunited in 2015 as Brimstone Sluggers before changing once again in 2017 to Crazy Town X after Mazur's departure.

Following news of his death, fans and friends shared countless tributes online mourning his passing and sharing wishes for him to have found peace.

One Instagram user left a comment on one of Binzer's recent posts, writing, "i'll miss our talks this is heart breaking rest in peace my friend can't believe this."

"So many years of memories with you," another wrote. "I held your secrets and you trusted my words. A friendship of deep honor. I know you are floating free just above our shoulders but we will miss you every day. Sending love to your family and all the CT crew. #rest now."

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