Finally! Rex Orange County Joins TikTok To Share Snippet Of New Song

Photo: Getty Images

Are we finally getting new Rex Orange County music?!

It's a known fact Rex Orange County, whose real name is Alexander James O'Connor, isn't a big social media guy. He hasn't posted on Instagram since last May. Same with Twitter, where he hasn't posted anything since April 2021. That all changed this month when Rex Orange County made his presence known on social media again by posting cryptic messages that might hint at a new album coming this year. He even joined TikTok!

The 23-year-old British singer and songwriter posted his first TikTok on Friday — and lucky for us, it's a snippet of a new song, Keep It Up.

Here are some of the lyrics from the uptempo release:

Every time I open my mouth, I have regrets in my mind / Every time / And no one seems to figure me out / I guess, it’s stress / It’s making me feel so depressed
Most my life, I felt so tired but every now and then when I try I say, keep it up and go on / You’re only holding out for what you want / No longer owe to strangers / It’s enough / It’s enough

Could this release mean new music? Rex Orange County's newfound presence on social media might suggest that. He hasn't released anything since Pony in 2019.

In a tweet from December 28, 2020, a fan said: "If you are @rexorangecounty like this tweet if the album is coming in 2021"

Rex Orange County replied to the tweet on January 1, 2022 with, "oops !... sorry for delay.. do you still wanna hear it?"

In what appears to be a campaign for O'Connor's new music, he started sending out postcards to fans with a phone number that plays Keep It Up when you call it.

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