Ted Nugent Reveals What He Admires Most About Greta Van Fleet

Photo: Getty Images

It apparently takes a lot to impress Ted Nugent, and during a recent interview the famed guitarist admitted that there haven't been any new bands or guitarists in the last two decades that have really inspired him (he did give praise to Joe Bonamassa and the Foo Fighters, but explained that they are “not really new.”

There is one new act that he admires though: Greta Van Fleet. "The Greta Van Fleet guys from Grand Rapids – they’ve got some nice piss and vinegar going on,” he said. But for the most part, the artists he listens to are far from "new."

“The guys that play guitar in Kid Rock’s band, those guys are killer, and I still listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd with Rickey Medlocke,” Nugent said. “I still wish I could go down and watch Jim McCarty and [former Nugent sideman] Derek St Holmes because these guys are the gods of guitars, and there’s so many of them.”

But that's not to say he doesn't have his finger on the pulse of modern rock. “I get a lot of YouTube videos of young kids that are playing, and it’s very impressive and very encouraging," he added. "I wish I remembered all of their names.”

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