House Filled with Giant Fireworks Stash Explodes, Leaving 2 Dead

The FBI and ATF are running an investigation in a neighborhood in California after a massive explosion of what appears to be commercial-grad fireworks caught fire.

The incident occurred around 12:30pm on Tuesday. Cell phone footage shows some of the initial explosions, followed by one large explosion that created a plume of smoke.

About 50 firefighters were called to the scene, and it took nearly three hours for them to douse the flames.

Residents nearby say their windows shattered and it felt like small earthquakes were happening.

Two people have been reported to have died as a result of the catastrophe. It is believed that they were either inside the home or just outside of it when the explosions occurred.

California police say they are investigating the incident as a felony, since the fireworks believed to have been what exploded are illegal in the state.


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