Wingstop Didn't Want To Refund This Man... So Register Goes Through Window

Warning: Video Contains NSFW Language

A customer at a Wingstop was apparently unhappy with the service he received and requested a refund. When the employees refused to give him a refund, he lost his cool a little bit.

It seems like they couldn't give him a refund after he ordered through some app, so they only option for him is to wait for his food. Dude apparently didn't want the food anymore and didn't want to wait for it either.

The employee then tells the man he has no other choice and also tells him to stop yelling at her and another employee and that's when the top blows off.

Dude yanks the cash register off the counter and smashes it on the ground a couple of times as everyone just stands there and watches.

Just when you think his rage is over, dude bends over, revealing his butt crack, picks up the register, and flings it through a window.

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