Fear Factory Guitarist Says His Car Was Struck By 'Big Bullet' Thursday

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares says the Los Angeles Police Department is investigating after his car was struck by a "big bullet" early Thursday.

Cazares informed his followers of the incident via Twitter, including photos of his vehicle's damaged windshield and a close-up of the round, which is believed to be a .45 caliber bullet.

"Bullet hole in my windshield today, Los Angles Police Department asked me if I have any enemy’s [sic] I said “yes” and named 3 people," the guitarist wrote. "Let’s see where this investigation goes. LAPD said it looks like a 45 caliber, it’s a big bullet.

Cazares gave no indication that he was in the car at the time it was struck by the bullet.

When other users questioned why such a large round didn't penetrate the windshield, Cazares surmised that the bullet was stopped by the "frame bar that holds the dash and the windshield...LAPD said it was shot from half a block away."

Cazares indicated that a new Fear Factory album would arrive by this spring. Although frontman and Fear Factory co-founder Burton C. Bell departed the band in September, Cazares says the new album will include Bell's vocals, which were recorded back in 2017.

Photo: Getty Images