BIG100 and Lisa Berigan Present the 12 Strays of Xmas!

We’re partnering with area shelters and rescue groups to get homeless animals adopted this holiday season!

Listen weekdays at Noon when Lisa Berigan reveals the ‘Stray of the Day.'

Do you already have an adopted pet you love? Share a photo of them on social media using the hashtag #12Straysand we will be sharing our favorites to the BIG100 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

1st Stray of Xmas, December 3: Sugar!
Breed: Pomeranian
Age: 10
Weight: 12 lbs

Sugar was found as a stray in southern Virginia, so not a lot is known about her background. 

Since being in her foster home, she has blossomed. She is full of personality!  

She loves everyone but is nervous around toddlers, so she shouldn't go to a home with small children. She is house trained, and after she goes potty outside, she jumps and hops when asked if she wants a treat. She does very well on a leash and loves her daily walks. 

She gets along with other dogs but can be a little bossy, so a home with a laid-back dog would be best.

How to find out more and adopt Sugar: Contact A Forever Home Rescue at or email

2nd Stray of Xmas, December 4th: Biance!
Breed: Lab/Pit Mix
Age: 2
Weight: 50 lbs

She was found as a stray and was pregnant, and shortly afterwards gave birth the 9 puppies. Her puppies have been adopted, and now it’s time for Mama to find her forever home.

Biance is a very loving dog. She spends her days resting, but will be up for a tug any time! She loves being outdoors and chasing squirrels. She is house trained and crate trained. She is a little picky about her dog friends and does not seem to get along with cats. 

Currently, she is currently recovering from a leg surgery that was done to alleviate pain in her hip. She tends to hold her leg up even though she can walk on it, but she does fine walking around on the other three legs.

Find out more and adopt Biance by contacting or emailing

3rd Stray of Xmas, December 7th: Kuzco

Breed: Male Brown and White Tabby

Age: 6

Weight: 13 lbs

Kuzco is MCASAC's longest available cat, and we can't figure out why! This handsome guy is brave, outgoing, and very loyal to his favorite people. He's a very chatty boy and loves to chirp and meow for attention. Kuzco is such a charming boy who's ready to be the prince of your household. 

He is FIV+, but it never gets him down. Kuzco can be safely integrated into a home with other cats, or be your one and only BFF! As long as he has a home for the holidays, he'll be happy!

Kuzco's adoption fee is waived.

Kuzco is currently living in a foster home. If you're interested in meeting Kuzco, please visit his profile on the MCASAC website at, then click on the "Adoption" tab on the top of the page and send an email to his foster parent!

To learn more about Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center you can visit them on Facebook at, or on their website at

4th Stray of Xmas, December 8th: Petunia

Breed: Pit Bull

Age: 11

Weight: 55 lbs

Petunia is a special girl who is wonderful with people of all ages. She is spunky, outgoing, LOVES adventures, and is always down for a good snuggle. She has an incredible talent for making friends everywhere she goes and spreading genuine joy and happiness to everybody she meets.

Unfortunately, Petunia has a large tumor on her leg that cannot be removed due to its location. Petunia is a happy, pain-free, lively dog who likely doesn't have a lot of time left. Petunia recently made a bucket list and checked off a bunch of items like ordering a big juicy cheeseburger, going for a run in the park, and choosing anything she wanted from the pet store! [Check out her Bucket List video above]

Her final wish is to be adopted by a loving family who will give her a happy home for the rest of her life. She cannot live with cats, but would be great with children or other dogs. 

Petunia's adoption fee is waived.

If you're ready to meet this very special senior girl, please visit MCASAC's website at To submit an Adoption Questionnaire, please click on the "Adoption" tab at the top of the page and click "Covid-19 Adoptions."

To learn more about Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center you can visit them on Facebook at, or on their website at

5th Stray of Xmas, December 9th: Newton

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Tabby

Gender: Male

Age: 2 Years Old

Weight: 7 lbs

Personality: Smart, Adventurous, Playful, Curious, Shy, Energetic, Friendly, Vocal

House Training Progress: Good litterbox manners, especially top entry/covered

Location: DC area foster home

Additional Information: Newton is the definition of an adventure cat. He loves to explore on his own; he's fascinated by running water and likes to stick his head under it. Sometimes you'll find him just sleeping in the sink. 

Newton will purr vigorously as soon as he sees you, without you even touching him. He'll follow you around but isn't necessarily a lap cat; he loves getting head scratches, but if overstimulated can become a bit overly excited and get a bit bitey. Newton can be vocal with a distinct wailing he'll use to call for you if he wants attention, but will sleep through the night just fine. 

Newton's a diehard member of the clean plate club and LOVES wet food, kibble and treats of any kind.

Find out more about adopting Newton here:

City Kitties is part of City Dogs Rescue, based in Washington, D.C.

6th Stray of Xmas, December 10th: Ella

Suspected Breed(s): Domestic Short Hair/Tortie

Gender: Female

Age: 2 Years Old

Weight: 7 lbs

House Training Progress: Good litterbox manners

Location: DC area foster home

Additional Information: Ella is a gorgeous and incredibly lovable kitty. Independent yet friendly, Ella’s favorite retreat for cat napping is the cozy oasis under the sofa, but she most definitely wants to know what’s going on with her humans and comes out often to supervise and visit. 

She also has a bold streak and has no reservations about asking for some petting with her tiny little meows. Still a kitten at heart, she sometimes gets the zoomies in the mornings and evenings and zips around! 

Ella was a little reserved when she arrived at her foster home, but the more comfortable she gets, the more affectionate she becomes. Ella is ready for her loving furever home and would probably be happiest in a laid-back household.

Find out more about Ella by contacting City Kitties and filling out an application:

7th Stray of Xmas, December 11th: Thunder

Breed: Pinscher, Doberman/Mixed Breed (Large)

Gender: Male

Age: 3 years old

Weight: 75 lbs (he's looking to gain weight)

Other characteristics/personality traits:

Thunder is a giant, handsome sweetheart who wants to follow his humans around and give them love. He has a gingerly, graceful walk. He passes other dogs (even a barking dog) with a low, wagging tail and a friendly posture. He is patient with being handled all over his body, and he runs happily in the yard. He shows his excitement in seeing humans by jumping, but he is treat-motivated and can learn how to control his eagerness.

Ideal home

Thunder’s ideal home would have a fenced yard to stretch his long legs and get his energy out. Due to his size and strength, he would benefit from a home without young children and small animals.

Thunder is currently in foster care with Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. For questions about Thunder or any LDCRF dogs, please contact and visit their website at

8th Stray, December 14th: Duke

Breed: Domestic Short Hair, Orange Tabby

Gender: Male

Age: 1 1/2 years old

Weight: 9 lbs

Duke is a total love bug; he just adores affection and petting. He does play a bit, but mostly he just wants to snuggle and head-butt for attention. 

Duke is FIV-positive, which means he has a weaker immune system and is more prone to infections; however, this does not prevent him from living an otherwise healthy, normal life.

Ideal home: Duke deserves a home where he can get lots of love and attention; he just soaks it up! 

Duke is currently in foster care with Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation. To learn more, please email or visit Duke’s adoption page here:

9th Stray, December 15: Koda

Breed: Lab/Bulldog Mix

Gender: Male

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 54 lbs

Koda is a sweetheart with a striking orange coat of fur. He is about 2 years old and has been with K-9 Lifesavers since July. Other dogs are not his cup of tea, so for that reason he wants to be your one and only! 

Koda is super strong and likes to show off his strength to you when walking on a leash! He will need someone with the patience to show him it's much more fun to walk leisurely to enjoy the walk and take in his surrounding. He is very sweet with people and really loves affection. We know his person is out there! Could it be you?

Find out more about Koda by contacting Elizabeth at, and see more adoptable dogs at

10th Stray, December 16th: Jax

Breed: Bulldog Mix

Gender: Male

Age: 2-3 years old

Weight: 40 lbs

Jax is a little guy with a great big personality! He is about 3 years old, playful, energetic and affectionate. Jax has lots of energy so will need an active family that is willing to work with him on leash manners and giving him plenty of exercise.  

He LOVES his toys and thinks everything is a toy so he will need a big toy box! He can be reactive to other dogs on leash but does well with submissive females that have his same energy.  

Jax would prefer a home without little humans as his energy is a bit too much for them. Will you give this cutie a safe, loving home for the holidays?

Find out more about Jax by contacting Michelle at, and see other adoptable dogs at

11th Stray, December 17th: Buddy

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Gender: Male

Age: 10 years old

Weight: 8 lbs

Buddy is a beautiful, dainty orange tabby looking for his forever home. His favorite hobby is chatting and meowing at people all day long. He loves to talk back to us when as ask him how his day is and if he knows he’s the prettiest boy in the world! At 10-years-old, we bet Buddy has a lot of wisdom to impart on us. Or maybe he’s just asking for more pets.

Buddy is a sweet senior boy who really just wants to spend his golden years getting pets and snuggling up with you. Buddy doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and is instant friends with everybody he meets. Classic orange tabby! Buddy is currently living in a foster home and has everybody wrapped around his paw. However, he'd still love a forever home by the holidays. Buddy's adoption fee is 100% waived, so all you have to do is apply! 

If you're interested in meeting Buddy, you can visit his profile on the MCASAC website at, then click on the "Adoption" tab on the top of the page and send an email to his foster parent.

To learn more about Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center you can visit our on Facebook at, or on our website at

12th Stray, December 18th: Sweet Girl

Breed: Pit Bull

Gender: Female

Age: 4 years old

Weight: 55 lbs

Sweet Girl is an adorable, stout girl with a lot of personality! She is a 55lb Pit Bull who is known around the shelter for her puppy-dog eyes and happy-go-lucky attitude. Sweet Girl was found as a stray and had likely just had puppies at the time she was found. That was in June of 2019, and she has been looking for a forever home ever since. 

At 4-years-old, Sweet Girl has enough energy for adventures, but is mature enough to mind her manners. Her charm and friendly demeanor wins over everybody who meets her, and she’ll melt you with her big brown eyes and huge smile.

She has shown an interest in interacting with other dogs and could live with the right doggy companion, or she can be your one and only BFF. She is a very high energy girl and does well with a calm and cool person to help balance her energy out. Sweet Girl is a very loyal dog to her favorite people, so if you're looking for an adventure buddy for life, Sweet Girl is for you! She is currently living in a foster home and is doing great. 

If you're interested in meeting Sweet Girl, you can visit her profile on the MCASAC website at, then click on the "Adoption" tab on the top of the page and send an email to her foster parent.

To learn more about Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center, visit them on Facebook at, or on the website at