Dude Throws Rocks at Car and Immediately Regrets It

Warning: Video Contains Strong Language

A dude in Chicago, IL learned a lesson the hard way after throwing rocks at a car driving by.

Apparently this dude was already throwing rocks in front of Jimmy D's Body & Fender Shop at passersby before the video started. He throws what appears to be a large rock at a Ford Fusion and misses high, and the driver slows down seemingly in surprise of what just happened.

Dude then picks up another rock from what appears to be a piece of the sidewalk and throws it at the same vehicle.

The driver of the car has had enough and decides to retaliate. He performs a u-turn in the middle of the road while his tires squeal. He then drives up on the sidewalk and dives straight for the dude and nails him, causing him to fly off his feet.

Dude somehow is able to get back on his feet after the hit as the driver takes off.

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