Girl's Gravity-Defying Zipline Stunt Has the Entire Internet Confused

The Internet is confused after a video of a girl falling off of a zip-line went viral.

The girl is on a perch over a stream and attempts to glide across the water grabbing a bar, but things go wrong quick. As soon as she jumps off the platform, the weight from her momentum causes her to lose her grip on the bars and she falls to the water... eventually.

Instead of falling straight down, the girl appears to hover above the water for a second while spinning and then falls in, appearing to have defied the laws of gravity.

It is worth noting that there's a black rope hanging from the side of the bars at the beginning of the video that seems to lose visibility while the girl is falling. It's totally possible she somehow gets tangled up on that rope before she falls into the water. At least that's my best guess.

Photo: Getty Images

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