Furious Dad Destroys Kids' TV, iPad, iPhones for Not Doing Their Chores

A furious dad had enough of his kids sitting around all day playing video games and being on their phones, so he tried to teach them a lesson.

He storms into his kids room with an aluminum baseball bat and asks them "What the crap?" before laying into the 25" LCD with his Easton. The the dad proceeds to toss a few PlayStation 4 controllers on the ground and gives them the smash treatment but decides to keep the console for himself.

Dude then grabs the kids' iPads and iPhones and destroys those as well. He claims the kids can do chores and work to earn new ones, but wouldn't they just be his money? Why wouldn't he have taken the stuff and hid it from them and save himself a couple grand?

Probably because it's all fake for views. Oh well.

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