Dr Phil Guest Says He's a Cyborg from 2050 to Save Mankind from the Matrix

A guest on Dr. Phil claims that he is a cyborg sent from a higher civilization in the year 2050 to warn humans of the upcoming apocalypse and to save mankind from "the matrix."

The 25-year-old, named Orrin, graduated from NYU and originally had plans to get a job in finance, get married, and start a family. But he had an awakening and his sense of purpose shifted.

"Hello, we are Orrin, a digital and collective conscious and cyborg from the year 2050 sent by a higher civilization to save mankind from the Matrix."

Orrin's mom Anita has become frustrated because her son doesn't have a job and spends all day on his laptop to create awareness of his cause and to "accumulate resources through the Internet."

Orrin says he mostly stays in his headquarters, or bedroom, which have been "created and customized for our experience" and that he survives off of water and smoothies.

Dr. Phil questions Orrin when he comes to the show and asks if he is already mechanized, to which he claims he has a brain implant and that his legs are already "a combination of flesh and steel."

Photo: Pixabay

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